Indonesia is a big country with a population of more than 220 million which 3,423,946 of them are teachers (Ditjen PMPTK, 2010). There are 42 technical institutions (12 P4TKs and 30 LPMPs scattered over 33 provinces dealing with teacher training as training providers under the General Directorate of Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel (Dijen PMPTK) - National Education Department. There are two types of training conducted by them, namely face-to-face training and e-training. A face-to-face training has smaller unit cost of training rather than e-training, but an e-training involves much bigger participants rather than face-to-face training involves. All the training is funded by the national budget allocated for National Education Department. On the other hand, government has a policy to improve education quality throughout teacher certification which gives profession incentive up to 100% of main salary to accredited teachers. So that there may be a crisis of education budget for teacher training in the future because of limited national budget and increase of budget for teachers’ incentive.

P4TK is a technical unit as a centre of development and empowerment of teachers that has a study field specialization
LPMP is technical unit as an institution of education quality assurance that lies in 30 provinces in Indonesia

Ditjen PMPTK (2010). Laporan berdasarkan status nuptk, retrieved 22 April 2010 from